Media Literacy

We are living in a media driven society. Nobody can stand apart from the magical skin of media today. Everything related to our socio-cultural life is decided by the media. Thus it influences our economic state also. Our taste, interest, needs, belief, demands, even thoughts are drastically influenced by media. Media driven society always seek for a safe zone of media interventions. How to break the cocoon of this safe zone and make them vigilant against the dangers of media affluence is the underpinning question that faces a media critic.

Critical Media (Literacy) Education is in between of the river where this education treats its clients as both the media consumers and media communicators. Critical Media Education will help to distinguish positive and negative functions of media, empower to acquire skills and provide opportunity to realize ideological and cultural connotations between media and society. What we have to do is make aware our children that what we see, hear and read in media are not the real ones. Equip them to read media critically. Build up their efficiency in analysis and interpret. Nourish their ability in critical thinking. To satisfy the needs, MARC organizes media literacy campaigns and workshops. The campaign and workshopfocus:

  • Audio-Visual production
  • Audio-Visual script writing
  • Basic news writing for Print, Radio, Television and Interactive media
  • In-depth coaching for media practitioners
  • Media content analysis using Conversational Discourse Analysis
  • Media content analysis using Critical Discourse Analysis
  • Orientation for children on how do media influence
  • Orientation on magical impact of cyber world and Indian Cyber laws
  • Parental orientation on impact of media among children and teenagers
  • Social tech for education
  • Social tech for environment
  • Social tech for folklore and culture
  • Social tech for science communication
  • Strong stories for strong students, the story tellers